New Directions Coaching

Ready to create a new direction? Ann’s New Directions Coaching gets you on a path to setting and manifesting a new vision for your life. What do you dream of doing? What stands in your way? You’ll articulate your vision, identify things that no longer serve you, create a roadmap for your new direction and be on your way! Each of us deserves a fulfilling life. It is up to you to create it!

Career Coaching

In a one-on-one or group environment, Ann’s Career Coaching is focused on bringing your unique brilliance into your work! Many aspects of our current workplace environments dull that unique brilliance. Career Coaching helps you know who you are from the inside out, to understand how the workplace and people in it function and to use this knowledge to find the work that is right for you.

Coaching In Organizations

Managers form the engine of your organization. Their performance directly impacts your bottom line. What are you doing to support them and develop their skills? Ann’s Manager Coaching helps your organization grow more confident and successful managers. Her methodology combines one-on-one coaching with the development of essential managerial and leadership skills.