Coaching in Organizations

If you are an executive facing these challenges…

Coaching with Ann Vanino
  • Time and resource demands  are speeding up at incredible rates
  • Your managers are increasingly required to master a wide range of skills
  • You are losing good managers to other organizations
  • Your training programs are not providing the individualized attention your managers need

Ann’s Manager Coaching and Skill Development can help you…

Coaching with Ann Vanino
  • Increase manager accountability and performance
  • Improve your managers’ skills and self confidence
  • Implement new and effective management systems
  • Promote teamwork and manager satisfaction
  • Prepare for and manage growth or downsizing

How We Work

We initiate the project discussing the goals and expectations you have for your team and for the manager  coaching and skill development project. These goals and expectations are carried throughout the project.

Coaching begins with two one-hour meetings with each manager to establish the focus, goals and measures for the coaching and the means by which they will reach their goals. Our goals, means and measures will be submitted to management for their review and input, as the coaching begins.

Once the two meetings are completed, we begin regular in-person coaching meetings or calls, using phone, Skype or other conferencing system. These meetings or calls can be held on a weekly or biweekly basis and can last for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. If desired, monthly progress reports can be prepared for you.

At the conclusion of the coaching, each manager will review and report on progress made and their learnings from the coaching.

We are happy to custom-design a manager coaching and skill development program to meet your organization’s needs. Cost is $175.00 per hour or priced on a project basis.

Capabilities Statements from Ann Vanino Coaching

Ann Vanino Coaching is certified as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise and Small Business for federal, state and local government agencies, public utilities and the private sector. For information on certifications and for Capabilities Statements please click here.

Ann’s leadership coaching has been very valuable to me over the past few years in my role as a new Engineering manager at a growing alternative energy technology company. Growing my technical design team from just two to ten team members over a two year period was a very challenging task. I very much appreciated the real world advice Ann provided throughout this period in addressing day-to-day organizational challenges as well as the valuable tools she provided for dealing with such practical issues as successful interviewing, hiring and time management. Ann clearly leverages off her strong technical background and extensive mentoring experience to provide effective strategies for addressing the broad spectrum of issues which I have encountered as a technical manager. 

We hired Ann Vanino to assist us through growth transition. Her services were numerous and invaluable. She assisted us by analyzing our management operations and coached staff to a new level of performance and perception. She informed us that our growth brought new requirements as a business, and she helped us put those in place.  Ms. Vanino has an impressive resume, she accepts challenges with enthusiasm and she was a pleasure to have as part of our team.

I am finding our bi-weekly sessions very valuable to me. Just knowing our meetings are on the calendar helps lower my blood pressure a few points. It is really good to have a coach as I face this very challenging transition to my new role.

Ann has helped me with her advice on management, leadership, organizational skills and organizational development. As a coach, she models concepts and ideas for the person she is coaching – she is on task, creates structure and honors our schedule. As CEO, I highly value Ann’s ability to bring me “out of the box” in my thinking and in approaching challenges and opportunities.

I began working with Ann during a very challenging time in my professional life. I had recently assumed managerial responsibilities for the first time in my career, in an area of technology that I was not expert in. Shortly after assuming these responsibilities, it became apparent that there was a serious problem with our technology, which threatened the viability of my company. Solving this problem was my responsibility, and it took everything I had, and Ann played a crucial role in helping me to manage the pressure, maintain my confidence in myself, helped me to inspire my team, and helped me to navigate the political environment that I was in to achieve the outcome that the company needed. My team and I were successful in meeting the challenge, and doing so is the proudest achievement of my career thus far. Ann has become a trusted confidant and guide, and has served an important role in facilitating my growth and success in my career. I value my work with her tremendously, and recommend her to anyone looking to take control of their professional lives. 

Ann helped us define our goals and find time to work toward them. I always felt so energized after her phone calls because she made the pathway obvious and cleared away my self-doubts. At the same time, she encouraged me to develop ideas according to my own style, and was never over-bearing. We are in the process of securing funding to make our training program a reality, and I must credit Ann for her coaching and encouragement, as well as her networking contacts.