Welcome! Below are four gift cards for you to give the gift of Chrysalis this season!

The holidays are here! You may be looking for a gift that is unique and meaningful. Give your family, friends and colleagues a gift card for my e book Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out.

There are four gift cards to choose from: Hanukkah – Christmas – Kwanzaa – General Holidays – that you can send by e mail to announce your gift. The book is free to you, but priceless for those who want a new beginning in 2016!

While you are here, please download a copy of Chrysalis for yourself, take a look around the site, and join my mailing list.

Happy Holidays and may 2016 be a year of personal transformation that brings magic and joy to your life!!!

Ann Vanino


  1. Click on the download icon beneath a card below to download a PDF of the card. You might have to right click and choose “save as.”
  2. The PDF is a self-contained card that you can email to family, friends, or colleagues.
  3. Within the PDF is a link for your recipient to download a free copy of Chrysalis.
  4. Send any card you like to as many people as you like.

Holiday Card from AnnVanino.com
Download Holiday Card
Hanukkah Card from AnnVanino.com
Download Hanukkah Card
Christmas Card from AnnVanino.com
Download Christmas Card
Kwanzaa Card from AnnVanino.com
Download Kwanzaa Card