Workshops and Trainings


Ann Vanino inspires people to take their personal leadership and business skills to the next level and beyond. Ann explains concepts by presenting theory and providing real life stories she’s encountered through her years in the workplace. She gives her audiences powerful strategies and tactics they can take away and use in their work and lives. Ann’s training is highly interactive using exercises and group discussions to reinforce and individualize learning.

Ann helps people know who they are from the inside out, to understand how the workplace and the people in it function, and to use this knowledge to become masterful in all aspects of their work. Her trainings range from one-hour presentations to half and full-day workshops to workshop series.

Priced on a client-specific basis.


Moving Forward!

Ann gives audiences what they need to move forward to the life of their dreams. First, she addresses the things that can hold you back: tolerations, energy drains, and resistance. Then she identifies a toolbox of strategies for moving forward including: setting goals, dealing with change and staying focused. Ann uses her personal experiences as well as her experiences as a coach to help her audience create the life they want to live.

Work is a Playground — Learn the Rules!

Work is a playground — a power playground. Those who know the rules, succeed. Those who don’t know the rules create stress and dissatisfaction in their work. Success in the workplace requires both knowledge of self and understanding the way the game is played. Ann brings her audience to an understanding how power influences the workplace and shows them how to increase their success through knowledge of self.

“Power Stories” Storytelling Circle

Gather ’round for mythical tales that teach powerful lessons about the way we work. Ann reads one of her six Power Stories and designs audience exercises that go deeper into the story’s lesson on how to be more powerful in your work. These storytelling circles provide a fun way for participants to learn and grow!

Productivity, Empowerment and Balance — Keys to a High Functioning Workplace

This is a topic for all levels of an organization.  The pressure to produce is everywhere; many people are disenfranchised and life is speeding up at incredible rates. Ann discusses how people and organizations can thrive can  by reshaping the way work is done.

Walking the Hero’s Journey — Using Mythology to Understand Your Life and Work

Throughout the ages, mythology has informed humanity about life and its meaning. Central to many myths is the hero’s journey, a framework for understanding life and our individual experiences. Ann explains to audiences how they can use the hero’s journey to find deeper meaning in their life and work and have a framework to accept the unknown and stay out of fear, see the role of mentors in their life, accept difficult situations as ways to learn and strengthen, see themselves as the center point of their life journey and accept that struggle brings rewards.

Put Your Leadership on Trial!

Ann takes audiences through a review of their own leadership skills using one or more of the seven leadership lessons in her book Leadership on Trial: Lessons from The Apprentice. The seven lessons are: take risks, be yourself, know the game, maintain balance, have a strategy, think outside the box, and know when to join and when to lead. Ann challenges her audience to let go of what is holding them back and to bring their leadership skills to the next level.

Lunch ‘N Learns

One hour training (one-time or a series) on a variety of topics designed to fit into the work day!

Custom Training

Training and Workshops designed to meet your organization’s interests and needs.

Just that short time with Ann brought so many of my problems into alignment with their solutions. She helped me realize that I may have been giving my power to a manipulator. Her soft voice and positive manner showed me that I could allow myself to move on from that place, without being angry or disappointed. I must have her book. 

This class was time well spent for me. Most classes I attend I don’t feel this way.

You truly are a brilliant leader.  You were clear, articulate, grounded, and right on target.  So smooth!  I took great notes and hope to keep applying the wisdom.  That evening on the TV show Top Chef, one contestant mentioned exactly what was said in the class as far as working together on a team as a team player and yet having to distinguish oneself as a leader from the pack.

It helps to learn a better way to understand how to deal with some problems within the company.

As greeter and “registrar” for Ann’s “Coaching Live” workshop series, I watched as Ann’s welcoming style and calm and knowing spirit created an atmosphere for the participants to explore life’s issues in a safe environment. When coaching, Ann’s insightful questions and astute observations and accepting manner allowed the clients to view their situations from a new angle, opening them to new possibilities.

Great! Great! Great!