New Directions Coaching

A special program for people ready to create a new direction for their life!

Three values guide our coaching…

Coaching with Ann Vanino

  • You start from the place that everything is right.
  • You decide what you want to create.
  • You know you have absolute freedom.

Here’s what your new direction brings to your life…

Coaching with Ann Vanino

  • You have what you need to move forward brilliantly!
  • You are at your best!
  • You embrace the freedom to live “your life / your way.”

Good and bad, the events in your life brought you to where you are today – ready to create a new direction! You lead this journey and make the choices that are right for you. Coaching provides an open space for you to articulate your new direction. Yes, there are practicalities – they do not limit you. Rather, dealing with them moves you forward to your dreams! 

New Directions Coaching includes: an initial in-person phone or skype session, weekly 45 minute coaching calls, and unlimited e-mails. Cost: $350 per month.

Ann coaches internationally!

Ann had an amazing ability to know just what questions to ask, what statements to make, to create a huge shift in my perceptions. By doing so, she got me to a place of rapid deep change and helped me to open up and to move forward in a completely new direction that has brought so much more joy and fulfillment into my life.  I could have never made such a dramatic shift, so quickly, without Ann’s guidance and assistance.

Coach, Life Adventurer, Healer

I started coaching with Ann at the beginning of a great personal and professional transition.  I needed support through the process, and Ann was put in my path.  More than 2 (3?) years and 3,000 miles later, my life looks nothing like I could have imagined.  I have re-invented myself and am growing an amazing new business practice.

Fashion Production Manager

Coaching helped me by clarifying my values — a process that is central to decisions about how to spend life’s precious time — and by keeping me focused on goals.  It was also a way to see new possibilities that I hadn’t considered.

Environmental Manager

Coaching deepened my understanding of the importance of staying in the moment and helped me find clarity. Ann Vanino is a master of asking powerful questions and in that process, I learned to listen to myself and honor my feelings.

Non Profit Organization Public Relations Executive