About You

You are a treasure and have gifts to give the world that are uniquely your own. As you “awaken” to what you really want and who you really are, your life can change in marvelous ways. Awakening asks for your courage, strength and commitment and returns to you happiness, fulfillment and adventure. Are there things about your current life that discourage you? Have you wanted to leave conformity behind and create a new life? Do you have whispers of a better life calling you?

Ann’s work is all about you – about collaborating with you to create a life that is fulfilling and brings your gifts out in the world. Your journey with Ann can be one of exploration, challenge and positive change!

About Ann

20140629_1814Ann’s journey starts in New York City where she grew up and developed her identity and passions. After graduate school, she left New York for Washington DC and a position with the US Environmental Protection Agency. She then returned to New York where one of her jobs was leading the City’s hazardous materials emergency response team, that responded to over 600 incidents a year – fires, dumped chemicals, explosions and toxic surprises.

In New York, Ann married Ermanno Vanino  a filmmaker who brought a new dimension to her life. Ann and Ermanno’s adventures brought them to Los Angeles where she worked in the private sector and then started her own consulting business with a partner, focusing on environmental regulation and management.

Ann’s journey took a turn in 1996 when she became a coach and founded Moving Forward Coaching & Consulting, now Ann Vanino Coaching. In 2000, Ann and Ermanno moved to the High Mojave Desert of southern California. She continues her coaching there, inspired by the solitude, beauty and silence of the desert and mountains that surround her. The photographs on this site are all taken by Ermanno at their desert home.

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