Career Coaching

If you dream of…

Coaching with Ann Vanino

  • Starting your own business
  • Achieving personal and professional balance
  • Finding work you love
  • Achieving career success
  • Using and developing your skills to their fullest potential
  • Bringing your unique brilliance into your work
  • Transitioning from your career to a fulfilling retirement

Coaching with Ann supports you to…

Career Coaching with Ann Vanino

  • Identify and let go of the things that are holding you back
  • Define what you desire in your career and get it
  • Understand why you are not getting where you want to be
  • Successfully navigate a career transition
  • Find your way out of the frustration anxiety of your present work life

Career Coaching includes: an initial in-person phone or skype session, weekly 45 minute coaching calls, and unlimited e-mails. Cost: $350 per month. Ann also offers Full Court Press coaching, a short-term, focused coaching program designed to meet a specific goal in a defined period of time, that fits your needs and budget. For example, for interviewing for a position, developing a resume, handling a challenge, considering a job offer or creating a job search strategy.

Career Circles:

You deserve to be fulfilled in your work. Sometimes, it’s up to you to take charge of your career and create work you love.

Can you imagine having a small group of people to support you as you do something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Ann’s Career Circles are designed to give you just that!

Here’s How They Work: Career Circles have five participants and are hosted by Ann. Each Circle member identifies a career goal that they will achieve in a three-month period. In weekly phone calls, participants take action towards their goal and then come together to share progress, challenges and wins. Between calls, participants can correspond by e mail with Ann, and each other, on their activities. Each circle is unique, with its energy created by the individuals participating in it.

Here Are Some Things Circle Members Focus On: maintaining balance in a demanding job, working with difficult personalities, understanding the hidden culture in a workplace, achieving career success and finding work they love, using and developing skills to their fullest potential, bringing their unique brilliance into their work. What do you want to work on?

Join a Circle Today!

Circles begin the first week of each month and continue for two additional months.

5 participants are needed to form a circle. The Circle participates in weekly one-hour calls together. Each Circle lasts for three months. You can join a Circle on a one-time or on an ongoing basis to turbo charge your career! Please download and email this application to Ann to get started! Once Ann receives your application, she will e mail you with the details for your circle. Cost is $100 per month.

Ann coaches internationally!

Ann, single handedly – you did more for me early on in my financial planning and advising career than anyone. Your sage counsel and solid insight were priceless at a time when I was particularly vulnerable and unable to practice in the way I wanted to. You allowed me to employ my courage in facing the challenges; overcome the obstacles and focus on the core tasks at hand that needed to be done to ensure success. Now, I can take all of the competitive and industry insights that I’ve gained and employ the skill sets I have with the people and situations that I believe in.

Ann supported my choices with a depth of caring, yet maintained an objectivity, that allowed me to experience the results of those choices in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Ann is talented at getting to the heart of issues, consistently coming up with creative and excellent suggestions. There is no one else who comes close to Ann in having the talent necessary for personal and professional life coaching.

The power of Definition is amazing.  For years I felt myself wanting vague things that seemed so distant.  Once I discovered how to define what I want through coaching – getting them comes naturally and daily.