Your Path to Leadership

By Ann Vanino

~ For each of us there is a path to leadership. Are you on yours? ~

A path to leadership is a conscious, evolving course of action intended to develop your leadership abilities. For many people, leadership is an ideal. You may say, “I want to rise in my organization, make my own way in the world, be a senior executive or be a leader”.  You can spend your time hoping and imagining, but that will get you nowhere.   The key is to do something about becoming the leader you want to be. Your path to leadership is unique. You design it and you walk it.

How much time and attention are you giving to your path to leadership? Are you committed to developing your leadership skills? Here are some questions for you.

  • How do you view your leadership abilities today?
    • Strong
    • Okay
    • Weak
  • How do others view you as a leader?
    • What indications do you already have from those around you
    • Ask people what they think about your leadership abilities
  • What are your leadership strengths?
  • What are your leadership weaknesses?
  • Where do you need to develop as a leader?
    • Job
    • Professional Organizations
    • Networking
    • Finding mentors
    • Reading
    • Building knowledge and skills
  • What opportunities do you have right now to be a leader?

Got you thinking? Are you ready to walk your path to leadership? Start now to create a plan. In your plan address:

  • opportunities to show your leadership skills and how you will take advantage of them
  • ways you will improve on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths
  •  the key leadership qualities you want to develop, and people and organizations that can help you on your path to leadership

Create a timeline for your plan – what you will do and by when. Eventually, prepare one, three and five year plans.

Becoming a leader demands your focus and commitment. You can walk your path to leadership. Begin today!

“Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”
– Goethe

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