By Ann Vanino

As a small business, you can sometimes find yourself in a competitive position with larger businesses. When you are selling your product or service, here are some approaches for convincing the customer of the advantages of dealing with a small business and why your product or service is the one to meet their needs.

Advantages of Small Business Services

  • Small businesses provide high quality work. They do not survive unless they do.
  • Each customer is important. Their business matters.
  • Customer knows who will perform and be accountable for the work. There are no last minute substitutions or delegations. The quality and specifications of your product are dependable.
  • Communication is straightforward and employees are accessible. Product information is readily available.
  • Prices are not inflated due to high overhead.
  • There is flexibility not always available from large organizations.

Your Image

  • Demonstrate competence and understanding of the customer’s needs.
  • Provide examples of how your product or service has met other clients needs.
  • Clearly articulate how your product or service will meet your customer’s needs.
  • Inspire confidence. Building relationship is a big advantage, but alone, it is not enough to sell your product or service.

Common Doubts People Have Regarding Small Businesses

  • They do not have the resources to back up their product or service.
  • They are too small to assure liability protection and could be gone tomorrow.
  • They do not understand the needs of large organizations.

How To Relieve These Doubts

  • Inspire confidence by knowing your stuff.
  • Develop relationships with other businesses to provide needed products or services that your business cannot provide.
  • Directly ask the customer if they have any concerns and address them.
  • Have the insurance you need to accept appropriate liability or a good reason why you don’t.

Your Performance

  • Provide a good product and do good work.
  • Keep in touch with the customer.
  • Meet all your customer’s needs.

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